Lung Sounds

Lung Sounds Definition

Lung sounds, also called breath sounds, are auscultated across the anterior and posterior chest walls. Adventitious breath sounds including, rales (crackles), rhonchi (wheezes), stridor and pleural rubs are presented in our Essentials of Lung Sounds module.

Lung Sounds Lessons

Learn lung sounds by taking our free essentials of lung sounds short course. This course cover basic adventitious lung sounds. Use the table of contents below to review and access this course.

Essential Lung Sounds
This module, 'Essential Lung Sounds', is designed to provide auscultation instruction with practice exercises. The most important breath sounds found in family practice and internal medicine are covered. Each lesson consists of multiple pages: 1) text description with audio recording; 2)a visualization page with waveform; 3) a practice page. Use the tabs which appear below each lesson's title.
Lesson List

Respiratory Problem Solving

The website offers case studies on pulmonary problem solving that include lung sound auscultation.

Respiratory Care Guide

The website Respiratory.Guide offers free training on arterial blood gases, spirometry, hypertension assessment, breath sounds auscultation and interactive pulmonary case studies.

Repetition Training

As a supplement to ourtraining, we recommend auscultation repetition training by

Repetition Training

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